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Electrical Panel Services

Installation, maintenance, and replacement electrical panels

The electrical panel for your home, business or industrial building is your main distribution point for all of your electrical circuits. As a metallic box, it acts as the heart of your whole system, centrally distributing electricity to your entire home, office or building. If it doesn’t function properly, you are sure to experience electrical issues and degradation of service. Only a certified electrician should diagnose and fix any electrical problems associated with your electric panel. 

If your electric panel needs to be fixed, replaced, upgraded or installed, APEC Electric’s professional, certified, trained and timely electricians are ready to help!

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The average life of an electrical panel is about 20 years. There are many signs that may signal a need to replace or upgrade your panel, including some of the following.

Common Electrical Panel Warning Signs:

  • Lights dimming or flickering (even after you change the bulbs)
  • Breakers are tripping constantly
  • Fuses Blow easily
  • Circuit surges
  • Sounds coming from the electric panel
  • Electric panel feels hot or warm. Smells of overheated wires.
  • Electric panel may look discolored
  • Rust is visible on and/or around the panel
  • Appliances and/or electronics are having issues operating. 

APEC Electric can help you solve all of your electric panel problems. Give us a call OR complete the simple form to get your electrical panel working for you!

Get Protected from Dangerous Electric Panels

If  you have a panel on the list below it is extremely important that you replace it as soon as possible. 


These breakers are uninsurable. They are the same panel as Zinsco but with a different name. Not only are these breakers uninsurable but they are also unreliable and could cause harm to your system.


These breakers are uninsurable along with the Slyvania brand. They are the same panel as Slyvania but with a different name. Not only are these breakers uninsurable but they are also unreliable and could cause harm to your system.

ITE/Bulldog Pushmatic

Due to the age of these panels, replacement parts are no longer available. This system uses grease-fed breakers which are difficult to operate and maintain. If you have one of these panels, you need to update it soon.

Federal Pacific

These panels are a fire hazard and can cause damage to life and property. 25% of the panels have been deemed defective. If you have one of these panels, you should replace IMMEDIATELY. 

If you have one of these panels OR you have issues with your electrical panel, look no further! APEC Electric is here to serve! 

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